Care Instructions

1. What should I do when I spilled something on my formal shirt/polo shirt?
If you get a liquid stain on the shirt DO NOT touch or rubbing it in!

Instead, first just flick it off and second put it under running water immediately to remove the stain drops from the surface.

If a stain does get into the fabric, just wash it at 40°C(for formal shirt) or 30ºC(for Polo Shirt) with some stain remover on the spot.

2. How do I contribute to better prevent underarm stains?
a) Switch to an aluminium-free deodorant or a deodorant with minimal aluminium. It’s the aluminium compounds contained in the most anti-perspirants deodorants, that causes a build-up and yellowing on the fabric after continuous wear.

b) After applying deodorant, allow it to dry before putting your shirt on to prevent rub-off on the fabric.

3. How to wash my Ambassador Apparel?
Note that by caring for your shirt or polo in the right way, you not only increase its life length, but also decrease its negative impact on the environment.

  • Please follow the washing instructions on the label sewn into the side seam of each garment.
  • General notes for the white shirt
    i) Unbutton, turn up the collar and turn the shirt inside out.
    ii)Do not overfill the washing machine.
    iii) Wash on standard setting at no higher than 40℃.
    iv) Set the washing machine on a low spin-dry.
    v) Once the washing program is finished, hang it on a hanger and button the collar. The shirt dry quicker than normal and otherwise it’s easy for wrinkles to set in the fabric. Stretch the cuff, collar and front placket softly.

4. How many times can I wear an Ambassador Shirt or Polo in regular use before I have to wash it?
We’ve tested Ambassador Shirt and Polo several times and in different environments. The feedback from such experiences was incredible – shirts and polos stayed odorless and stainless for a long time. But off course the Ambassador Shirt and Polo will need to be washed, probably with less frequency than a regular one but it also depends on just how much it has been worn and for what purpose. That is completely up to you. Nevertheless, the general feedback we’ve been receiving is that on average customers wash it after three times of wearing it.

Fit & Size

1. How do I choose the right size?
If you are in between sizes, we recommend to go for the bigger one.

Please check our Fit & Size Guide for more information or get in touch via the chat or email and we will be happy to help you find the perfect size.

2. How to Measure?
1. Choose your favourite shirt and lay it flat with buttons fastened

2Compare with the measurements in the tables in the Fit & Size Guide

3Start measure from the collar size

Please see our Fit & Size Guide for details. Still need help? Call us at +351 914 495 327 or email and we’ll be happy to walk you through the measurement process.

Let us make you a shirt. We guarantee a perfect fit. If you’re not 100% happy, we’ll alter or replace your first shirt at no charge. Once we perfect your fit, we’ll save your updated details for easy re-ordering.
4. Do you offer sizes larger than XXL or 46?
We do offer larger sizes for our dress shirts and polo shirts. If you cannot find your size on our website, please feel free to email and we’ll see what we can do.


1. How does the technology works?
All Ambassador Garments are infused at a molecular level in our premium cotton fibbers. All products are produced with patented technology that’s OEKO-TEX® certified and complies with REACH. This invisible technology prevents Ambassador garments from stains and bad odours and wicks sweat away from the skin, while keeping the ultimate softness, breathability and durability of the fabrics.
2. Are the Shirt and Polo Stain & Odor Proof?
No. Ambassador Apparel prevents either aqueous or oily substances.

Repellents: not easily penetrated; provides more protection than “Prevents”.

Prevents: is able to provide some protection in smaller volumes but is not 100% protected. Otherwise it would jeopardize the natural softness and breathability of the premium cotton itself.

3. Will I have less sweat stains?
You will have it significantly less! The fabrics of the shirt and polo don’t absorb the sweat but repels it, and the sweat can evaporate, remaining invisible on the outside.
4. Will the technology last after washing the shirt?
Yes, we guarantee the stain & odour technology for 30 washes of shirts and polos, if treated correctly. Keep in mind that you don’t need to wash Ambassador shirt or polo after every wear, unlike other conventional ones. Please note that by experience and by our latest feedback, we have tested even more than 30 times and we are satisfied to feel the good maintenance of quality.

Plus, our technology increases the average lifespan of the shirt and the polo. The technology is infused in cotton yarns before the weaving final step, maintaining the natural softness of the fabrics, and increases its breathability and durability.

5. Does the technology carry any environmental or health risks?
We care about having the right certifications.

All of the molecular technology we use is authorized and has been used in the other industries like medical and sports garments. It is environmentally friendly as well as skin-friendly. Moreover, it is certified in accordance with the strict environment standards OEKO-TEX® and REACH. We don’t do nano-coatings on the surfaces of the fabric – we treat the yarn. This allows us to use very tiny amounts of chemicals – typically less than what is used to e.g. dye a shirt with a dark colour. We have chosen carefully our suppliers based on two requirements – being in Portugal close to us, and having high quality standards – in order to have a good communication and our continuous innovation to assure Ambassador high quality standards.