Ambassador has a new location: the Now_Beato coworking space, at Rua do Grilo, 135.

An excellent and creative space, near the river. More than a workplace, our showroom and the place of dispatch and packaging of our orders. It is where we share experiences and knowledge with other innovative projects. Working alongside with other inspiring coworkers makes this place full of good energies and synergies.

Come and explore Now_Beato with us, whether to try out our Ambassador Shirt and Polo, to work in a different environment or just to visit the exhibitions. Come in! We offer you a cup of coffee.


Why we choose Now_Beato?

NOW_Beato means No Office Work, a space that goes beyond Work. In fact, this is a Work-Learn-Action local.

A local for freelancers, coworkers, young founders, students, entrepreneurs, and artists, great artists!

The founders of the NOW_ are Fernando Mendes (founder of CoworkLisboa), Miguel Muñoz Duarte & Paulo Dias (Founders of iMatch & creators of IGNITE Portugal) and Sérgio Nunes (Candor).

The way Now_Beato sees each person and how it leverages the “artist” in each of us triggered our attention since the first day. What defines this local is that it gives exposure to promote businesses products, whether plants, sculptures, paintings or even shirts.

Now_Beato is a beautiful 1904 old warehouse totally renewed with three floors dedicated to events, startups and companies, and a large co-working room facing the river.

More than a workspace, our showroom, where we have all Ambassador shirts and polos sizes exposed. An exhibition of artists in which our shirts and polos also dress this space.

now beato _ ambassador shirt


Our coworking neighbors

  • Manicómio – Makes NOW_Beato its atelier and gallery for artists with mental illnesses to take advantage of their abilities. These artists create and expose sculptures of monsters, photographs, stories, and drawings. Sandro Resende and José Azevedo created this project after several years working at the psychiatric hospital Júlio de Matos, where they developed artistic activities for patients. In Now_Beato, the patients can leave the hospital facilities and work in a place with natural light, plants and good vibes. Being in Now_Beato works as a new therapy, but without the clinical aspect behind it, providing them autonomy, integration, and recognition for what they do and what they are.
  • Demium – It is a startups incubator, specialized in people, creating startups from scratch. How does it work? No team or idea are needed, because, through the #AllStartup event, Demium identifies the best talents and connects them. At the 3-day event, participants develop a business idea proposed by Demium. The best candidates are selected to participate in the 6-month incubation program. At this stage, Demium provides the resources, methodology, and tools needed to help participants build their Dream Team, to validate their business idea, to create Market Value Proposition, to identify product-market fit, to launch a scalable solution, and to receive feedback.
  • Startup Story Guide – With online content and books in more than 20 cities in Europe, Middle East, and the US, the Startup Guide helps entrepreneurs to get in contact with different entrepreneurial realities around the world. Each book deepens the local ecosystem with advice from successful experts and founders, as well as carefully selected lists of startups and coworking spaces.
  • App Company – A mobile software company that has been designing, developing, building, managing, publishing and marketing mobile Apps (iOS and Android). The APP Company has launched over than 30 Apps so far and has created apps featured on the iTunes App Store, which were among the best in Education, News, Entertainment, Sports and Gaming Categories.
  • VIDAcare – A company of end-to-end web-based Radiology Information System, using AI and fully customized modular solutions such as Scheduling, Admission, Execution, Reports, Archive, Delivery, and Panels. The modules are integrated between each other and between external systems. Each module can be limited to users or groups of users. Each user can have multiple profiles to simplify their daily work.
  • Social It – Madalena, a freelancer in Social Media, is the soul behind Social IT. Social IT distinguishes itself by seeking to understand brands, stimulate their best and make known the different visions, by creating relevant content. For Social IT the best content is the one that creates emotions, conversations, involvement, and sharing.
  • Wonder Wall – A company that commercializes and installs Vertical and Artificial Plants and Gardens. Its purpose is to provide the feeling of having a natural garden in spaces whose characteristics do not allow it, either by light conditions, weak or expensive water or electricity infrastructures or by permanent maintenance. These plants adorn Now_Beato coworking space, and now Ambassador Space too.
  • Imatch –With customers like Macdonald’s, this collaborative consulting company finds innovative solutions together with its customers. Its goal is to trigger every organization to have motivated and productive employees and Ambassador team is inspired by the good mood of this neighbor team.
  • Maria Rabanete – Vânia Neves is the charismatic person behind this Catering and Events project, which offers high-quality and personalized service, with the freshest products and the best presentation, from the conception to the event concretization, allowing her customers to enjoy each moment without worries.
  • Laura – A freelance content producer, copywriter, writer, publisher, project manager, and online communities. Cyclist, a fan of snails and beer and naturally unkempt hair is how she describes herself.
  • myHappyLunchboxlx – Is our lunch lounge, with chef recipes and unprocessed food. My lunch Box aims to Balance every lunch and create a happy and healthy experience to all coworkers and outside customers.
  • Match attack – A startup that manage Artists and Events, working with some of the best Portuguese DJs, production talents, and club nights.

What are the advantages of working at Now_Beato?

Success is achieved not only with capital, but also with the many support areas, from marketing to the legal, for example.

More than beauty, comfort, and functionality, this space encourages the expansion of network, through daily direct contact with other coworkers and through relevant events.

The exchange of experiences allows a gain of support in several areas. Decisions are more accurate, by learning from the mistakes and successes of other entrepreneurs. Thus, the synergies are higher in this often solitary journey.

Now_Beato besides being our office is also our showroom, where we have all Ambassador shirts and Polo sizes, which is perfect for those who prefer to have physical store experiences.

Come try out your Ambassador Shirt and Polo, and let Now_Beato energy speak for itself. We are waiting for you with your coffee.

By Ambassador Team