The problem has been identified, the opportunity has arised, the right people have been joining and writing the Ambassador’s story

Before we start talking about us, tell us:

Are you always spilling things on yourself or are you one of those that is incapable of eating without getting dirty?

Do sweat stains follow you, especially on stressful days?

Does every time you hang out in a bar, your clothes smell awfully to tobacco?

If yes, we think we must have found you the perfect solution for these specific problems.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in a world where you could wear a white shirt, rested from life, knowing you would not get it dirty by the end of the day?

Yes, that is true. You can stop dreaming with that day because it has arrived.

Our Story

Coming from the corporate world of stressful business meetings, long days in the office and rushed lunches, we noticed that many men struggled with the same problem: Staying fresh, clean and presentable from morning till night. Sweat, Stains and bad Odours are a constant threat.

After strenuous work, research and persistence, we found the answer:

The first customized white shirt made from the finest Pima cotton that prevents Stains and Odours and will allow an elegant and clean look all day long.

In fact, because our vision is to provide freedom of expression and movement, whether in a more formal or more casual context, we also developed the Pique Polo with the same characteristics for more casual occasions.

All garments are 100% designed and handmade in Portugal. 

Who is behind the idea that boosted the brand?
Rita Dinis. Although Rita doesn’t have an academic background in dressmaking/design, this area was always her childhood passion that lately gained higher proportions. At the age of 28, the consultant majored in Management believes that her particular interest by the textile, and in particular the fashion, may have been awakened a long time ago by her grandmother – a haute couture dressmaker whom she grew up with.

Successfully Crowdfunded with Indiegogo

Our first market launch was a success achieved through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. In August 2018 we did history on Indiegogo by becoming the most funded Portuguese company in the fashion area. In less than 10 days we raised more than 30% of our goal in 4 different continents.

Watch the full video that made it happen.

Ambassador Team

“We believe that looking our best leads us to be our best and to be an Ambassador of our own personal brand.”


Press Articles & Features

Ambassador has been featured on a couple of online and offline publications, and also on national TV. Check the articles below and find out what the press says about us.