Our Mission

To make the finest and smartest apparel in order to advance the modern man lifestyle.

Ambassador was born with the purpose of merging two worlds that have been apart for too long: High-end Fashion and Technology-infused fabrics.

High-End Fashion

Premium fabrics, finest craftsmanship‎ and trimmings, timeless apparel anatomy.

Ambassador Portugal

A subversive merge between high-end fashion and technology.


Fabrics infused with technology.

Formal Shirt

What makes the Ambassador Formal Shirt different from the others?

Our Shirt was designed to be elegant, timeless and functional — capable of giving a deep sense of freedom and well-being.

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Polo Shirt

What makes the Ambassador Polo Shirt different from the others?

Our Polo Shirt was created for every Ambassador to feel comfortable and relaxed, with freedom of expression and movement staying presentable from morning till night.

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* Prevents shrinking, fading and pilling.

What makes us stand out?


The technology infused in premium fabrics.


Style and size solutions for all.


Hand-finishing details and finniest trimmings.

Our add value is not only our differentiated shirt and polo. But also the journey experience from the selecting process to the package unwrap and the memorable moment of wearing it proudly as your shield for your dynamic and challenging daily basis.